Government Shutdown Update


Below are the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)’s comments on how the current government shutdown impacts WIC. For the whole update, link here.

According to the National WIC Association, WIC agencies continue operating as normal and have so far not reported any issues or disturbances to normal operations. Agencies are expected to have adequate funding on hand currently to last through the month of January. The USDA Food and Nutrition Services has communicated to WIC agencies that they plan to undertake measures on Jan. 3 to identify and provide additional funding, including: allocating all remaining carryover funds and preliminary recoveries to state agencies, working with state agencies to make their FY18 Nutrition Services and Administration grants spend forward funds available for FY19 obligations, and asking state agencies to identify additional unspent FY18 funds that may be available for recovery and reallocation as FY19 grant funds.