Parent Educator

Connecting for Children and Families


Part-time, Permanent

Start Date: Immediate

Connecting for Children and Families is looking to hire a part-time Parent Educator (PE) who is responsible for practicing a strength-based approach in parenting education to support the growth of parents’ capacities through research-based methods and principles. The position requires home visiting experience or being willing to work with children and families in their homes for a visit of at least an hour. Building trust with people and helping them set goals are critical skills in this role. 

How To Apply

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to

Job Description

•       The Parent Educator (PE) is responsible to practice strength-based and parenting education approach to support the growth of parents’ capacities through research-based methods and principles for parent support and parenting education.
•       Home visiting experience or be willing to work with children and families in their homes no less than an hour per visit.
•       Establish and maintain long-term engagement with families served.
•       Build trusting relationships with families served.
•       Meet required benchmarks.
•       Create attainable goals with families and ensure the goals are providing interventions that are family-based and strength-based.
•       Assist in increasing the family support system and increase the family’s ability to problem solve and assume the role of advocating for themselves and their children.
•       Flexible and available for families we serve.
•       Experience working with culturally diverse populations.
•       Able to work under pressure.
•       Ability to work collaboratively with other service providers that include outreach and networking in the community.
•       Able to meet required competency level in Microsoft Office and program data collection.
•       Valid driver’s license, registration, and safe driving record.
•       Ability to pass background records check.
•       Ensure confidentiality and safety of records, information, and data.
•       Strong time management skills.
•       Maintain timely and accurate records.

•       A Parent Educator must have the minimum qualifications of a high school diploma or GED.
•       Must have two years of previous supervised work experience with young children and/or parents.
•       Obtain competency-based professional development.
•       Must have at least 2 years of experience and a knowledge base of family support and parenting for children (0-5 years of age).
•       Knowledgeable of early childhood growth and development.
•       Knowledgeable of prenatal development.
•       Strong interpersonal skills with experience engaging high risk populations.

•       Experience with maintaining client files.
•       Bachelor’s Degree
•       Bilingual

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to