30+ Jobs for COVID-19 Response, RIDOH

As part of the emergency response to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) will be hiring 30+ temporary positions.

The various positions will touch on the aspects below:

  1. Phone Intake and Triage
  2. Epidemiological Systems and Reporting
  3. Confirmed Case Investigation
  4. Cluster Outbreak Management
  5. Contact Tracing Operations
  6. Probable Case Investigation
  7. Isolation and Quarantine Supports Coordination
  8. Incident Command System and Subject-Matter Expertise Coordination

In general, various activities may include:

  • conducting patient interviews with confirmed cases
  • providing isolation and quarantine education
  • identifying direct contacts
  • assisting with reporting between states
  • working with businesses
  • providing online recovery checks with patients
  • entering data from cases
  • managing projects
  • providing any of these tasks with non-English speaking patients
  • and other tasks as needed

Additional information:

  • These new positions will be hired on a short-term basis, which is currently planned to be 6-12 months.
  • The roles will be on-site at RIDOH, although remote work is a potential option that may be offered after the start of the position to those already hired into these roles.
  • Priority will be given to applicants with the following qualifications:
    • Applicants who are bilingual or multilingual;
    • Applicants available for full-time work (35 hours/week);
    • Applicants who have experience with data entry while taking information from patients;
    • Applicants who have experience with customer service with patients, healthcare providers, and the general public; and
    • Applicants who work well in a team environment.

LINK HERE and apply as soon as possible! 

To help us fill these positions quickly, please forward this information to any of your contacts who may be interested in this opportunity.