Enrollment Director

Providence Promise

Salary $35-40K

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Providence Promise, the first Promise-based program in Rhode Island (2014), is seeking a
Director of Enrollment.
Providence Promise’s mission is to promote high educational aspirations and more equitable
opportunities for Providence Public School students by advocating for college savings accounts
and family engagement, increasing financial literacy, and reducing the financial burden of
higher education. Its vision is to increase the K-12 and postsecondary success of Providence
Public School students and to help ensure a brighter future for the students, their families, and
the community.
Providence Promise is committed to its work in Providence to mobilize and empower families,
particularly families of color, to participate in the opportunities the program provides for
economic and social mobility. Providence Promise believes that equitable, high quality
education is the key to a better future for Providence Public School students, their families, and
the community. An overwhelming majority, approximately 95%, of Providence Public School
students are students of color, and 90% come from low-income households.
Providence Promise works with families to overcome educational, economic, and racial
inequities by helping them build financial assets, advocate for a better educational experience
for their children, understand their rights and opportunities, and gain knowledge about higher
education. We believe that quality education and family empowerment can lead to equitable,
sustainable opportunities for our families and their children. While Providence Promise assists
individual families, our goal is to ultimately enroll thousands of families and students, which will
help transform the public-school system into a high performing institution that will benefit the
community and which will build a college-going culture within the families, the school system
and the community as a whole.
Using an innovative, multi-pronged approach, Providence Promise’s program is designed to
holistically address the challenges faced by Providence students in their pursuit of higher
● Enrollment: parents/guardians enroll their children as early as birth. Our youngest children are
three-month-old twins. This early start can help boost account accumulation and take full
advantage of the positive impacts future-oriented thinking and dedicated college savings can have
on a child, including academic performance and social- emotional development. Currently there
are 394 enrollees and our goal is to add 400 new enrollees per year.
● College Savings: upon enrollment, families open a 529 College Savings Account for each child
and contribute an average of 1% of their gross annual household income into each child’s account
for a period of up to 15 years. Providence Promise provides an initial contribution of $100 to each
child’s account, and provides opportunities for families and children to earn additional incentives
to build their college savings by achieving certain goals. Our families have currently accumulated
over $300,000 in their college savings accounts.
● Family Engagement: Providence Promise facilitates ongoing, robust family engagement and
financial literacy through school-based events, workshops, college visits, referrals to college
access programs, and more. The family engagement program also includes a dedicated Parent
Council and Youth Council.
● Reducing the Financial Burden: Providence Promise works with each student and their family to
identify the higher education choices that best fit the needs and goals of each child and to assure
that all accessible financial aid is secured, including funds that may be raised by Providence

The Job

The Director of Enrollment will:
● Report to, provide support to, and work collaboratively with the Chief of Operations.
● Provide support to and work collaboratively with the Family Engagement Director.
● Coordinate all tasks related to enrollment, and ensure a smooth process for parents and schools
through initial enrollment.
● Work with other members of the Providence Promise team to build positive relationships within
the Providence community with principals, teachers, City and State officials, community
organization leaders, PTOs, and families.
● Coordinate all recruitment and outreach initiatives.
● Oversee and facilitate, as necessary, enrollment and information presentations, workshops and
● Provide Spanish translation for written communications, presentations and in-person meetings, as
they pertain to outreach and enrollment efforts.
● Review and record all necessary enrollment reports as required by Providence Promise.
● Represent Providence Promise at community events and activities.
● Participate in weekly staff meetings.
● Attend relevant training sessions when applicable.
● Provide input and feedback about current program processes and suggestions for future
● Perform other duties as necessary.
The Ideal Candidate will:
● Be fluent in both English and Spanish.
● Be comfortable with public speaking and interaction.
● Be well-organized, and out-going.
● Be reliable, and punctual.
● Be confident in working with diverse groups and with peers.
● Have excellent written; computer and verbal communication skills
● Be able to work in chaotic situations (with a sense of humor).
● Be a problem-solver who can identify the problem and determine the solution.
● Have a commitment to the education of public-school children.
● Be available to work a varied, flexible schedule.
● Be able to provide own transportation.


The salary range of $35,000 to $40,000 is based on previous successful work with similar
initiatives. A benefits package is included with the position.

Start Date

During the month of October.

How to Apply:

If this position is of interest and if you believe you bring the experience and interest to lead this
initiative, please email your resume and letter of interest to:

Equal Opportunity Employer
Providence Promise does not discriminate in hiring or the provision of services on the basis of
Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Gender Identity, Age, Disability, Marital Status or Sexual