Advocate CHWs to Congress and Secretary Azar!

Advocate CHWs to Congress and Secretary Azar!  Advocate CHWs to Congress and Secretary Azar!  New email went out to subscribers today: Check it out.

 Congressional Support for CHWs 

Outreach Initiative by Penn Center for Community Health Workers

What if there was a way to improve public health, create jobs and rebuild trust in America’s communities, all while saving taxpayer dollars?

Community health workers are trusted individuals who come from within the communities they serve and address a broad range of social, economic, behavioral, and health needs.  They battle eviction notices, support contact tracing, arrange doctor’s appointments, drop food off on porches – they do what it takes to improve health in their communities. This workforce can save Medicaid $4,200 per beneficiary and create jobs in hard-hit communities.

Thanks to the efforts of a broad coalition of advocates, Congress is increasingly recognizing the potential of community health workers in public health and health equity. A bipartisan group of lawmakers – Rep. Deutch (D-FL), Rep. Engel (D-NY), Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Senator Casey (D-PA),  Senator Smith (D-MN), Senator Booker (D-NJ) and Senator Brown (D-OH) – have drafted letters to urge Secretary Alex Azar of the Department of Health and Human Services to more fully deploy community health workers in response to COVID-19, long-term improvement of public health, and lasting economic recovery. 

JOIN US and make your voice HEARD.

ORGANIZATIONS: In order to ensure that Secretary Azar hears from a diverse and enthusiastic group of lawmakers, your support is essential. First, please email Dr. Shreya Kangovi to have your organization’s name added as a supporter of the letter.

INDIVIDUALS:  Please consider sending a short message to your member of Congress and your Senators to ask them to sign these letters before the end of September. If you are not sure which member of Congress represents you, you can find out by entering your zip code here and you can also review a list of Senators by state here.
Thank you,
Penn Center for Community Health Workers
 See SAMPLE LETTER and SOCIAL MEDIA at below link