CHWs and Billing Medicaid

Community Health Worker Provider Enrollment with Medicaid is open!  In 2022, Center for Medicaid Services approved the Community Health Worker State Plan Amendment. This allows CHWs to become Medicaid ‘providers’ and then to be reimbursed for some CHW services.  

A “Provider Manual” and “Enrollment Guidance” are now available at the EOHHS website

In case you missed them: 
Here are links to slide presentations about the CHW benefit (which were shared at the CHW Enrollment and Billing training sessions in February and March). They might be helpful to review. 
     EOHHS Slides
     Gainwell Slides (these contain info on enrollment) 

A recording of the March 25th training session is here:
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If you have any questions or run into problems with the enrollment process, please contact Celine Johnson at for assistance.