Lifestyle Coach, Diabetes Prevention

Lifespan, Diabetes Prevention Program
Consulting, temporary, less than 20 hours per week
Multilingual (English/Spanish and/or Portuguese)
Already a CDC Lifestyle Coach a plus
CHW Certified or within 12 months

Summary: Provide support and guidance to participants in the Diabetes Prevention Program and
implement standard curriculum designed for the lifestyle program. The Lifestyle Coach reports to the
Community Outreach Coordinator. This is a temporary, consulting (less than 20 hours) position, and
does not confer benefits.

Responsibilities include:
• Provide curriculum to class participants in effective, meaningful, and compelling ways
• Encourage group participation and interaction through the use of open-ended questions and
facilitating commitment to activities and retention of knowledge of participants
• Create a motivating environment that is friendly and noncompetitive
• Foster relationships with and between participants
• Make learning a shared objective for the group
• Prepare before each class (i.e., review participants’ food and activity trackers, lesson plan,
content for class, and make a reminder calls to participants)
• Make self accessible to participants both before and after sessions to answer questions and
follow up on any questions not addressed during class time
• Follow up with participants outside of class if they are unable to attend (offer a makeup session
• Support and encourage goal setting on a weekly basis
• Record session data for each participant (attendance, body weight, total weekly minutes of
physical activity, etc.)
• Arriving for class on time and dressed appropriately
• Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those governing privacy and data

Skills, knowledge and qualities:
After receiving program training, the Lifestyle Coach should be proficient in the following areas:
• CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program
o Organizing program materials and delivering the program with adherence to a CDC
approved curriculum
o Facilitating groups to optimize social interaction, shared learning, and group cohesion
o Understanding and overseeing participant safety-related issues with respect to program

In addition, the Lifestyle Coach should demonstrate the following skills, knowledge and qualities:
• Ability to guide behavior change efforts in others without prescribing personal actions or
solutions, so that participants increase their self-confidence and capacity to make and sustain
positive lifestyle changes
• Ability to communicate empathy for participants, who will likely experience difficulty and
frustration at times when trying to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behavior changes and who
may be unlike the Lifestyle Coach in terms of weight status and level of commitment to living a
healthy lifestyle
• Ability to build strong relationships with individuals and build community within a group.
• Knowledge of basic health, nutrition, and fitness principles
• Knowledge of the principles of behavior change, including motivational interviewing techniques
• Commitment to the mission of the organization that is offering the program
• Flexibility to work with people from all walks of life
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Attention to detail and data collection

Additional Qualifications:
• Multilingual (English/Spanish and/or Portuguese)
• Certified Community Health Worker (CHW), or will become certified within one year of
becoming a Lifestyle Coach.
• Already trained to be a lifestyle coach for the CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program is a
• Lifestyle coaches may have credentials (e.g., RD, RN), but credentials are not required

How to Apply

Interested candidates can send a cover letter and resume to Ana Almeida-DoRosario at