Research Community Outreach Coordinator

Miriam Hospital
Three years experience
Excellent benefits


The Community Outreach Coordinator reports to one of the Associate Directors of the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center Dr. Elissa Jelalian. Executes a comprehensive community outreach plan. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with community representatives and organizations to increase awareness and utilization of ongoing and new research studies especially as related to engagement with diverse populations. Identifies community needs helps investigators prepare proposals and ongoing research studies to meet same.


In conjunction with the faculty and staff at the Weight Control and Diabetes Research Center participates in the development and implementation of goals and objectives to achieve maximum community participation in ongoing and new research studies with specific attention to increasing awareness and participation of diverse populations. Works with investigators to optimize new and ongoing research studies to ensure that they are accessible to populations that are traditionally marginalized in scientific research.

Maintains awareness of various cultural ethnic and racial differences affecting engagement in research.

Establishes and maintains effective relationships with community organizations and state agencies. Regularly participates in meetings with representatives of these organizations to maintain awareness of evolving needs develops support for programs. Develops and maintains effective contacts with various state agencies in order to solicit support for programs.

Assists with any departmental conferences and/or programs which may include offsite events during the work week evening or weekend hours.
Provides assistance with community health needs assessment as appropriate and needed.

Develops and implements a comprehensive community outreach plan utilizing information and data from Lifespan’s community health assessment feedback from community partners department planning organizational directives advisory groups and other modes of feedback. Must be able to adapt to multiple research studies and adapt plan as necessary.

Maintains current best practices and continued education related to community health.

Communicates and collaborates with faculty to support updates to WCDRC webpage and/or other social media tools according to organizational guidelines and standards. Writes and disseminates informational documents newsletters or other communication methods that are tailored for a diverse audience.

Tracks and evaluates effectiveness of community outreach efforts as it relates to local community specifically assessing accessibility and availability of research studies as related to the needs of diverse populations recommending changes as appropriate. Prepares and maintains various reports and analyses regarding utilization and effectiveness of study outreach efforts.

Provides ongoing communication and support to department staff to ensure that outreach plans and efforts are being delivered effectively in respective programs.
Participates in councils quality improvement teams and other such committees as required.

Maintains quality assurance safety environmental and infection control in accordance with established policies procedures and objectives.

Performs other related duties as required.

Other information:


Minimum of bachelor’s degree in social or health care sciences required.

Knowledge and understanding of community cultural social and ethnic issues affecting use of health services and system. 

Excellent oral and written communication is required to inform the community about department efforts health education and other informational messaging.

Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to provide care to patients throughout the life span with consideration of aging processes human development stages and sensitivity to cultural diversity in each step of the care process.


Three years of progressively responsible experience in social service/ community action programs and health care delivery and systems. Some supervisory or lead experience is preferred.


Sitting standing; computer and telephone skills. May have to do moderate walking depending on location of the assignment. Ability to lift up to ten pounds.


Incumbent functions independently within a broad scope of department policies and procedures; generally refers specific problems to Director only when clarification of departmental policies and procedures may be required.



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