CHWARI's Story

The Community Health Worker Association of Rhode Island (CHWARI) was the brainchild of a group of people working in community health in 2009. They established an organization to provide CHWs resources around trainings and other professional development opportunities. The Association also was deeply involved in creating a curriculum for training potential CHWs. The fruits of their efforts have formed the foundation for today’s certification requirements for CHWs in Rhode Island. Due to lack of financial sustainability, CHWARI had to cease operations in 2015, but two years later a Real Jobs grant from the Department of Labor and Training has enabled CHWARI to reactivate.

The Community Health Worker Association of Rhode Island (CHWARI) actively supports those frontline healthcare workers who work in underserved communities to improve high quality healthcare access for people in need.


CHWARI helps Community Health Workers in the following ways:

  • Posts trainings and professional development opportunities
  • Provides job-finding and networking opportunities
  • Advocates for CHW livable wages and professional identity
  • Provides a space for CHW peer support
  • Highlights CHWs in the news


CHW in Training at Care New England

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