CHWARI CHW Core Competency Training

Official Certification as a Community Health Worker helps you land the job you want…AND being educated in the 9 Core Competencies of a CHW prepares you to do it well

Throughout the year, Rhode Island College’s Institute for Education in Healthcare and CHWARI offer a twelve week Core Competency Training to about twenty lucky candidates per session. This training is free and addresses the nine Core Competencies of a CHW. While it is does not provide a CHW certification, it prepares students to apply for their CHW certification once they have met the required hours.

2019’s Graduating CHWs and Staff!

SCHEDULE: This training is 72 hours, consisting of 3 hour modules. Schedules vary.

LOCATION: Rhode Island College (or virtual due to pandemic)

REQUIREMENTS: English language fluency (We are aspiring to include a Spanish only training.)

Learn more about the Core Competencies of a CHW here!

The next training dates will be announced via Facebook and our Newsletter. Though we will announce it through the newsletter, you can always enquire about the next training dates here:!

If our course timing does not meet your needs, we encourage you to look into Clinica Esperanza’s Advanced Navegante Training. (Ideal for Spanish speaking candidates)

Also, Community Health Innovations CHW training is a great option if you are an employer and would like to train your team to be CHWs.