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Call for Abstracts | International Symposium

Research, Innovative Projects and Practical Solutions from the United States and Around the World

October 14-16, 2022 | Providence, RI, USA


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CONFERENCE OVERVIEW: This 2022 live international symposium, sponsored by The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, will bring together researchers, innovators, and problem solvers from the United States and around the world to address research, innovative projects, and practical solutions to promote compassionate, healing relationships in healthcare as technology transforms clinical interactions, incorporating lessons from the pandemic. We shall explore this topic from a variety of perspectives with diverse patients and caregivers, practitioners, educators, technology designers and vendors, government leaders, institutional leaders, and healthcare stakeholders. 

The Scientific Committee is particularly interested in abstracts that explore the following themes:Lessons from the pandemic about promoting healing relationships in healthcareRelationships matter more than ever in healthcare, and health information technology (HIT) is changing themAddressing inequity in the social and digital determinants of healthDesigning human-centered HIT – for practitioners and patientsTeaching HIT use to empower relationship-based careDeveloping HIT competencies throughout healthcareStaying well in the evolving world of HITWorking with government, institutions, and stakeholders to protect and promote healing relationships and human capitalShared data: implications, ethics, and stewardshipAddressing misinformation and the misuse of HIT and social media
Submissions must be received on or before January 16, 2022, at 11:59 pm EST

We look forward to reviewing research, innovative projects, and practical solutions. Work in progress will be considered.
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