Current Mental / Behavioral Health Supports

This time of the year can be tough for many. Here are some mental and behavioral health resources available in RI. This list was compiled by one of our awesome CHWs. Some of the information may have changed – but it’s a start!

Some helpful PDFs:

  • What is a Licensed Community Mental Health Center? (And where can I find one?) PDF
  • BIPOC Mental Health Resource List in RI PDF

And some links to resources:

  • FSRI has Emergency Response Services that can help some families.
    • Referral form here: or call intake at 401-519-2280 if you have any questions about the program or their eligibility requirements.
    • They offer same-day in-person services for any children under 18yrs old experiencing mental/behavioral health emergencies. Children’s Mobile Crisis has its own on-call phone number which can be reached at 401-854-6678.
  • Oasis Wellness and Recovery Centers (Facebook page here)
    • Oasis Recovery and Wellness Center provides a wide range of daily peer support activities and trainings to promote recovery from mental illness and to allow members to embrace fulfilling paid or volunteer work in the community.  Phone: (401) 831-6937   Email: